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My Daily Delight in the Lord

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This 15 page booklet brings us to a place of worship before praying and making our confessions of faith. As we acknowledge who He is and exalt Him, it ushers in His Presence. In His presence we find joy and peace and His joy becomes our strength. As we turn our focus on Him, in His presence our confidence rises and we proclaim our confessions of faith with boldness.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Delighting Daily in the Lord
  2. Created to Worship
  3. Pure in His Presence
  4. Enter into His Courts with Praise
  5. Boldly Proclaim Faith’s Confessions
  6. An Ambassador for Christ
  7. Financial Blessings
  8. Victory for Family, Leaders, and Nations
  9. God’s Medicine for Healing and Staying Healthy
  10. Our Covenant Keeping God
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