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About Marilyn

Her practical message of faith has been embraced in both denominational and independent churches, Bible schools and conferences.

"Dr. Marilyn Neubauer is an authority on the subject of Biblical healing. Not only does she teach with passion, authority and a rich foundation of the Word of God, but Marilyn has exercised her faith in God's Word to overcome three near-death encounters herself."

After receiving a miraculous healing from a rare form of cancer, returning from the brink of death at the hands of malaria, and experiencing the miraculous disappearance
of a large tumor, Dr. Neubauer began to proclaim and teach on the healing power of God’s Word. Her faith and the revelation of Jesus as the Healer has created a platform
to preach God’s love and divine healing throughout the world.
As an ordained minister, author and speaker, Marilyn has ministered in over 50 countries taking the message of faith,
healing and triumphant living to the nations. She has witnessed countless healings and miracles.
She has served in ministry since 1977 and has received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Cambridge Theological Seminary.
Marilyn lives in San Diego, California and serves her community as an active Chaplain for the Oceanside Police Department.


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Pastor Michael Lokietek
Family Church, NY

“Marilyn’s miraculous testimony and dynamic teaching style, as well as her superior ability to demonstrate Biblical concepts into simple understandable truths has blessed our congregation richly. Her sincere message on prayer has inspired all of us to pursue prayer as a lifestyle. Her insights are needful to the Body of Christ.”

Image by Augustine Wong

Pastor David Ellis
West Coast Life Church, CA

"“Marilyn is a member of West Coast Life Church. Her unique style of teaching is presented in a simple, clear way that is easy to understand. Her experience and maturity help to strengthen the congregation, as well as the pastor. Whether teaching on love, prayer or healing, the spirit of faith and victory is evident.”

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Pastor Mike Webb
Foothill Family Church, CA

"“Marilyn Neubauer has a special anointing to minister to the sick. Her testimony of healing enables her to relate to those who are sick. She is a good teacher with a solid foundation in God’s Word. She has the ability to encourage the sick to believe for their healing in a simple and positive way. I have relied on her to minister in my absence on several occasions, and will do so in the future. I have been very pleased in the manner in which she has ministered and in her attitude toward me, our church and our people.”

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